About us

A good design should be felt – not just be seen! This was the only objective when we started working ground up of 65designs. As a non-designer looking for a “medium” of our expressions / ideas, our tiny team was technologically challenged and financially lost the little money we had for our initial startup venture. AS a business philosophy, we (as Asians) believe in testing our venture addressing the pain points at affordable rates to the land where we belong and that’s where it got conceived at the core of Singapore and as the name suggests 65designs.com.

Our true values at 65designs.com are:

1. (Graphic) Designs speaks universal human language:

We have tested & proven time and time again in the new era of business, a good design should actually “speak” with customers and pulls in to a CTA (Calls to Action) – be it a web design, business card, product or newsletter.

2. (Graphic) Designs should not be marketed as “LOW priced” with a “compromise on quality”:

At 65designs.com, our important value which we are proud of is “no negotiation for right quality”. Because we believe that a well-deserved designer should be compensated adequately because upon greater success of the design, the designer is not gonna get any % on valuation of clients’ business! (yup, we do the math behind the envelop of your successful venture – every time)

3. (Graphic) No Strings attached:

We do not bring you to agree “unavoidable” T & C while you work with us. We are in the league of quick money making with scrupulous ideas or cruel competition in this spare. We believe in the principle of “We’re going to get, what we deserve, and we won’t get what we don’t” (You gotcha!)

4. (Graphic) No Non-sense:

Literally, we make you feel that all the interaction with our team make sensible ones. We tell upfront if a project can be undertaken or not otherwise. We will not let our customers go roundabout and look for outsourcing of our projects. Simply, No-nonsense business!

5. (Graphic) Be a Human in Business:

At 65designs, our tiny team members came from diversified backgrounds and almost all hailed from remote villages and we can’t (naturally) speak ONLY business without any human touch and that defines us!

6. (Graphic) Surround with positive mindsets:

Our team is fully packed with bundle of energy, creativity and positive thoughts just to work with your team and “feels good” while you design your rocking brand online.

7. (Graphic) We speak speed in design:

We have experienced the fact that at the very moment of our imagination, someone, somewhere would have started building it already. Therefore, we always think alongside of our clients & well ahead of them with the bandwidth we share with other customers. And, therefore, no worries, you are always be in good hands!

Blossom Plan

For Economy Bootstrap
$ 49
  • 2 Designs
  • Up to 3 Revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Copyright Ownership of 1 Design
  • Industry Standard Files

Estate Plan

For Next level bandwidth
$ 79
  • 4 Designs
  • Up to 3 Revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Copyright Ownership of 1 Design
  • Industry Standard Files
Great! We make sure this is delightful experience and no regret decision!!
We mean it.